Founded by engineers and designers in 2017, YUME wants people to use a new generation of better high-speed electric scooters without compromising. Large electric scooters are safer and more secure than small electric scooters- efficient, easier to maintain, more concise, and fun. Today, YUME is the pioneer and leader in high-speed electric scooters. We believe that the high-speed motor is the future of electric scooters.

In 2017, when the founder of YUME, riding a small electric scooter on a weekend, the scooter suddenly became slow, he had to walk home. Later he found that it was because the battery was not durably caused the system to stop working. He later found out on the Internet that many consumers have experienced similar accidents. Small watte electric scooters just support short mileage and slow speed. As a designer, the fatal flaw in this design is unacceptable.

So the YUME team began developing the first generation of high-speed electric scooters in 2018. These high-speed electric scooters were safe on the market, the highest level of waterproof and dustproof, and the most-quiet electric scooter. Once launched in the market, it quickly snapped up and YUME quickly became the leading electric scooter brand in the Chinese market. After receiving very positive feedback from many users, we are more motivated to develop new frames. With the introduction of the second generation, third generation, and fourth generation of YUME scooters, YUME has released YM Series, YMD4+, YMD5, Y11 PLUS in the past two years. The performance of each generation of electric scooters has been more and more powerful, benefited from the advancement of motor technology.

In June 2019, YUME successfully launched YMD5, with the highest conversion efficiency, highest speed, and the strongest climbing power. We are about to adopt the technology to the latest Y11 PLUS electric scooters. The Y11 PLUS is available on the official website platform.

All YUME electric scooters are produced at their factory in Shenzhen, and some of our partners are also partners with LG, SAMSUNG batteries. Shenzhen has the world's best technology development, hardware design, and production industry resources, which provides YUME with the best growth environment for continuous innovation and rapid iteration of new products every year.

YUME adheres to the minimalism design concept and the core values of technology, exploration, and freedom. It has launched YMD4+, YMD5, Y11 PLUS, etc to meet the needs of consumers around the world. As of June 2019, YUME has successfully entered more than 65 countries overseas, covering more than 500 cities. YUME annual production continues to increase, providing hundreds of job opportunities to society and quality products to its customers.

This is just the beginning. Technology is improving every day. We believe that YUME technology is the future of electric scooters. With the ever-increasing speed of motor technology and battery technology, YUME will continue to focus on the best electric scooters and offer our products to consumers around the world. This is the lifelong mission of YUME to make it easy and fun for users to ride.

1. We have our mold and hardware production factory.
2.We have our battery pack factory and work closely with the listed companies specializing in the production of electric vehicle batteries, such as Penghui and Yiwei.we have Ul, CE, KC certification of various countries and regions. Provide the safest and cost-effective battery pack.
3. Rich experience R&D team. The team has experience designing two and three-wheeled scooters and sharing scooters. From the design of the mold, production parts, circuit design, etc.
4. We have a multinational registered brand, product quality, and unique style by the global user welcome and recognition.
5. We have Alibaba international, self-established websites, Amazon, and other online sales channels, as well as offline cooperation with friends from all over the world.


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