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Electric Scooter Controller for YUME E-Scooter

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怐Sensitive contro怑YUMEā€™s electric scooter controller provides stable speed and sensitive control of the direction changes and braking.

怐Superior Material]怑The controllerā€™s shell is made of aluminum alloy, which protects the internal circuit and enhances durability.

怐Rugged and durable怑The controllerā€™s wire and connector are sturdy and durable to ensure a low failure rate during long-term use, enable easy installation, and serve as an excellent accessory for electric scooters.

怐High safety怑Our e-scooter controller enables proper heat dissipation to avoid thermal overload in order to offer safety and reliability.

怐High Performance怑Being of high power, the YUME e-scooter controller offers unrivaled high performance.Ā 


  • Brand Name: YUME
  • Applicable:Ā YUME scooter
  • Certification: CE

Note:Ā Not applicable for use with other brandsā€™ scooters.


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