• How to Improve the Battery Life of An Electric Scooter?

    During use, excessive wear will inevitably occur, which will reduce electric scooter battery's service life, So here is what can be done to reduce the loss of the battery life.

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  • Why Buy Electric Scooters from YUME?

    Electric Scooters are an eco-friendly and flexible selection for any range of riding conditions, a good way of reducing pollution. They're described as two or even three-wheeled electric-powered vehicles widely used by teenagers, active adults, and children. They are fantastic for fulfilling short-distance transport requirements, such as running errands or getting to work or school. And what we have to mention that they are fun more than you can imagine. The models we provide in our online store are engineered...

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  • Safety Tips for First Learners to Ride an Electric Scooter

    Electric scooters do not require human effort, they can wave their imagination and find inspiration in the process of sports. Ride an electric scooter, spin or bounce in squares, parks, and roads, turning the electric scooter into the next transportation tool for entertainment and fitness. However, whether driving, taking public transportation, walking, or even seemingly simple electric scooters, there will be some safety hazards, and we should always be vigilant. Let us work together to take safety measures for the...

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